Avara Temp

- the sensor that keeps the temperature under control, contributing to a carefree leisure life.


AvaraTemp can be used to measure, monitor and log both critical and useful temperatures in your motorhome or caravan. The temperature is updated every 10 minutes and can be read on your phone or PC from anywhere. On "My Account" at www.avara.no you can also view graphs of historical data and set your own thresholds for alerts if a temperature becomes critically high or low.

AvaraTemp is part of Avara's product range and can be used with all alarm packages that contain an Avara modem. Avara Temp can also be used stand-alone with a modem.
If you have an alarm package without a modem and want to use Avara Temp, you can upgrade with a modem. You will then at the same time get many other useful features that make the whole alarm system much more complete.

Useful applications

If you are a bit tech-savvy, you can install the Avara Temp yourself. If you are unsure, we recommend that you ask your dealer for help. Avara Temp is always active, but we recommend disabling alerts for refrigerators, freezers and similar when they are not in use.

Manage your alarm

If you have an Avara alarm with a modem, you already have access to "My Account" at Avara. When the Avara Temp sensor is paired to the modem, it will appear as an option on your own "My Account". Your existing subscription will include the Avara Temp service.

If you are only retrofitting a modem, pair the temperature sensor to the modem and register as a user at www.avara.no. You will then have access to "My Account" at www.avara.no.

See Avara Temp subscription prices.

From "My Account" you can operate Avara Temp from your PC, tablet or mobile phone. Here you also control your privacy settings and have full control over your own data. Please note that your modem must have an updated version of the software that controls the modem in order to use Avara Temp (version 1029). This update happens automatically, but in the unlikely event that your modem has not been updated, please contact us at post@avara.no.

Avara's cloud solution will be further developed with new features going forward. We will ensure that we always deliver one of the most complete alarm solutions on the market.

Here you will find the user manual and installation guide for Avara Temp

Subsequent updates

If you later want to upgrade with more temperature sensors, this can easily be done by buying more and pairing these to your modem. If you do not have an Avara alarm already, you can also expand an Avara Temp installation with other detectors.


Package contents
1 piece (1-pack)
Temperature sensor - complete with batteries
3 pieces (3-pack)
Temperature sensors - complete with batteries

* Requires an Avara modem. Multiple sensors can be connected.

Technical specifications
Diameter: 33.5mm, Height: 9.5mm
Power consumption
CR2032 Lithium
Radio communication
868 MHz band