Alarm systems

These finished alarm sets individually represent a complete alarm pack adapted to different needs. You choose the one that is best suited for your use. If you later want to upgrade your alarm system, or add more detectors, you can of course keep your Avara system and just add on. See more detailed information on the individual package pages.

Avara Lite

Basic safety for caravans in a permanent place. Contains a smoke detector, a CO detector, a propane gas detector and an intruder detector (IR). Like all Avara alarm packages, this alarm pack can be upgraded.

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Avara Basic

A complete burglar- and night alarm with alerts for smoke, CO and propane gas. The package contains all the components you need for safe travelling and covers all the main safety features for motorhome and caravan use.

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Avara Basic Plus

This alarm package is the same as Avara Basic with the addition of a modem that provides notifications to your mobile phone and/or e-mail, tracking and GPS positioning in maps.

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Avara Moist

24/7 moisture detection system with moisture sensors placed in strategic locations that give notification to your mobile phone and/or email if leaks occur. Provides complete history and automatic annual status reports.

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Avara Premium

Avara Premium is the market's most complete alarm system. The package contains all functions from Avara Basic Plus and Avara Moist . The system gives you the best available solution to ensure both life and health as well as your investment in a motorhome or caravan.

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Avara Temp

AvaraTemp can be used to measure, monitor and log both critical and useful temperatures in your motorhome or caravan. The temperature is updated every 10 minutes and can be read on your phone or PC from anywhere. On "My Account" at you can also view graphs of historical data and set your own thresholds for alerts if a temperature becomes critically high or low.

Avara Mouse

Avara Mouse makes sure that you are notified if mice arrive. You will receive a message to your cell phone and email. Mice are not a problem until they enter your motorhome or caravan. If you are notified quickly, countermeasures can be taken before major damage occurs. This also makes life easier by eliminating the need to set up traps and barriers when leaving your motorhome or caravan.

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