New alarm package aimed at caravans at fixed locations

Caravans that are in a fixed location have different safety needs than motorhomes and caravans that travel along the road. Avara is therefore now launching Avara Lite – a new alarm package specifically aimed at these users, and which ensures basic security.

Until today, there has been little to choose from when it comes to alarm systems for caravans in a fixed location, which may not be serviced or have electricity in the winter. Avara Lite is specifically aimed at this market. Avara Lite takes care of the basic safety needs, but without the functions that are typical for caravans or motorhomes when travelling.


  • Optical smoke detector
  • CO detector
  • Propane gas detector
  • Burglar alarm (motion detector)
  • Indoor climate (temperature/humidity)
  • Battery voltage
  • Notifications to SMS/email
  • Operation via mobile phone/website

With Avara Moist, both health,
values and holiday plans.

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