Customer stories

I was delighted when I came across Avara's 2021 alarm! The night alarm in particular has made trips much safer

Massimo Boni, Florence (Italy), customer since 2021, Avara Basic with additional external detectors

We contacted Avara in early 2021 when I read about the alarm on I was delighted when Avara wanted to sell me the alarm even though they don't have dealers in Italy. We have installed Avara Basic in our Hymer. Since the car is long, we installed extra exterior detectors - which I also painted in the car's color.

I am pleased to say that I am completely satisfied. Since we installed the Avara alarm in 2021, we have traveled for 8-9 months between Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and even Morocco.

We feel more relaxed and confident with our Avara than we have been before when traveling in our motorhome!

With the Avara alarm, we have both become safe and comfortable when we're out and about!

Knut Engum, Stavern, customer since 2021, Avara Basic Plus, Avara Mouse, Avara Temp

After many years in a boat and caravan, the time had come for a motorhome, and with a partner who was skeptical about caravans and gas and didn't really want this type of holiday, the persuasion wasn't easy.

With some night-time fault messages in the caravan, she was unsure of the safety and credibility of the alarm, she felt very unsafe. "I wasn't happy about error messages that woke up an entire campsite. There had to be something better and that you could trust! Someone said that it was just a matter of adjusting the sensitivity, so what's the point of a gas detector?

After a lot of research, Avara's concept caught my eye, and it was now much easier to convince my partner to join me on a trip.

New Knaus Sun I 700 was purchased from Ferda in Ålgård in November 2021, then it came with a completely ordinary gas alarm that is now archived with other electrical waste. Avara Basic was installed and here I am mightily impressed with how easy things can be used, gas detector is always on and easy pressure for shell protection and anti-theft protection of the car when you leave it.

The first upgrade has already been made with a modem, mouse alarm and temperature sensor. The next step is moisture sensors.

Now we enjoy our trips and our roommate feels safe and often suggests that we take a trip with "Kuvøsa"

Avara is highly recommended.

Avara moisture sensors alerted me to moisture that could have done a lot of damage!

Robert Onsøien, Stranda. Customer since summer 2022, Avara Premium

We bought a new motorhome in the late summer of 2022 from a dealer in north-western Norway. To protect our beautiful new holiday home, we invested in the Avara Premium alarm with moisture sensors installed by the dealer.

It was a big surprise when, just a few months after taking possession, we were notified of moisture in both the rear wall and both rear garage doors. The dealer initially protested, claiming that this could not be the case in a brand new motorhome.

Avara dismissed this, saying that unfortunately leaks can also occur in brand new motorhomes. After visiting the dealer, we found moisture and heavy leakage in the rear wall towards both corners. The reason was a lack of sealant when installing the bumper at the factory. In addition, there were leaks in both garage doors.

This could have been expensive if the Avara Moist sensors had not warned us so early - the next manual moisture check would not be until the summer of 2023....

Image by Karsten Helstad