About Us

Avara is a Norwegian company with highly experienced owners who are all active in day-to-day operations. They have solid experience from developing electronics, running companies and relevant market knowledge both as users and from the motorhome/caravan industry.
We are also proud to have developed the products ourselves and that they are manufactured in Norway.

Avara is a Norse word meaning to stop and be on guard.

The people behind Avara

Rudy Steen Johansen
Head of Development

Rudy is born curious and has been doing technique since childhood. He is a trained electronics engineer and has many years of experience as a camper and motorhome user. He has developed solutions for international companies such as ABAX AS and Gannet Guard Systems S.A. Rudy is the inventor behind Avara's patent-seeking solutions.

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Managing Director

Petter has automotive experience from Peugeot and BMW. He has solid experience from entrepreneurial and corporate development,and is also the founder behind and long-standing CEO of telematics company ABAX AS. He helped build ABAX into an international brand with a presence in eight countries.

Bengt Heggertveit
Sales and Marketing Manager

Bengt has a varied background as a leader in the IT industry, several companies in automotive-related industries as well as the motorhome and caravan industries. He also has extensive experience in boardwork, corporate development and development of distribution models. Bengt has been managing director of Kroken Caravan Detalj, and CEO of the motorhome- and caravan chain Ferda AS.

Our vision

We want to create safe holiday and leisure experiences.

By delivering technological solutions, we want to help ensure that you can have the same security on leisure trips as what you have at home. We want to help ensure both health and values.

Our values

Our values shall ensure that we deliver our products and services in a consistent way that our customers will learn to appreciate and expect.

Our products are developed on the basis of broad knowledge of motorhome and caravan use. We know the camping life and we know the challenges that recreational people have with moisture penetration, safety and the need for overview and control.

We're looking for new ways to solve known issues. We use technical products to take leisure life into the future and adopt smart technology to make life safer and easier for recreational people.

We're on the recreational people's side. We want to be a safe supplier and we don't use scare mongering. Our focus is the end value of what we deliver: safe leisure life for the whole family.

Our way of communicating and dealing with the outside world is with a friendly tone. Direct, honest and with simple language, we communicate with customers and partners.