Avara Moist

Avara Moist

Avara Moist is a fully automatic moisture alarm that continuously monitors if there is a leak in your motorhome or caravan. Many small moisture sensors are placed around the structure where one would normally measure by moisture by a manual control. You can mount as many sensors as you want. The basic package contains 12 sensors. 

The technical solution chosen for Avara Moist is new and groundbreaking, and the technique is patent-pending. The sensor has a probe that is inserted into the construction where there may be a risk of moisture and leaks. Air is channeled through the probe and into the moisture sensor element. The sensor seals the installation site so that air from the living area of the motorhome does not affect the measurements. This ensures the best possible result on moisture measurements, and allows any leaks to be detected earlier and with better precision than has been the case up to now.

When installing in non-wooden structures (e.g. fiberglass and aluminum), one should be aware that water is distributed differently in such structures than in wooden structures where the water is absorbed where the leak is. This can lead to results that are more difficult to interpret and will not always give clear indications of where the leak originates.

To ensure that the moisture sensors are mounted correctly and in the right places, the installation of Avara Moist must be carried out by your dealer.

Manage your alarm

The subscription that is part of Avara Moist means that measurement data from your moisture sensors is sent to Avara's cloud solution. Here the data and trends in the moisture state of your motorhome or caravan are analyzed. When it is assessed that there is a risk of leakage, you will be notified via SMS/e-mail. You can log in to Avara's "MIn Side" at any time and get the latest moisture report. Once a year you will automatically receive a report that gives you a full overview of the moisture condition of your motorhome/caravan. 

The moisture report will also be of great value when selling or replacing your motorhome/caravan, providing increased security for both the seller and the buyer. You also have access to historical data from the time you got Avara Moist installed at all times.

Later upgrade
If you wish to upgrade to Avara Premium, this can be done by acquiring Avara Basic as an add-on.


Package contents

1 pcs.

Modem with GPS receiver (subscription required)

12 pcs.

Moisture sensors*

* Multiple sensors can be purchased if needed



The modem communicates with Avara's cloud solution. Alarm messages and alerts can then be forwarded to wherever the owner of the system chooses. Also contains a GPS unit for locating the motorhome/campervan. The device has a power saving mode which ensures that the battery is not drained when the motorhome/campervan is not in use.

Technical specifications

Dimensions H, W, D








Power consumption save mode

approx. 0.25 mA.

Power consumption 4G active

approx. 12 mA.

Power consumption 2G active

approx. 350 mA.

Power supply, primary

5.5-15V DC

Power supply, backup

5.5-15V DC

Radio communication

868 MHz band

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Moisture sensors

12 sensors are included in the Avara Moist package, and more sensors can be added if needed. The location is determined by your dealer who has experience with your motorhome/caravan and where/how it is exposed to moisture and where water/moisture accumulates. The starting points are the places where a manual moisture measurement is normally carried out. The sensors have an internal battery with a life expectancy of over 15 years.

Technical specifications


Sensor Housing: Diameter: 33.5mm, Height: 9.5mm
Sensor probe: Diameter: 6 mm, Length: 20 mm



Power consumption

< 0,001 mA

Power supply

CR2032 Lithium battery

Radio communication

868 MHz band

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