Tryg Forsikring and Avara enter into a partnership

We see it as a great advantage that moisture damage in motorhomes and caravans can be detected early. Moisture is one of the biggest and most expensive damage problems we see within these vehicles.

When we uncover potential moisture problems early, the scope and repair costs will be dramatically reduced. This benefits the customers, as they avoid damage to their vehicles, says product manager Øyvind Stople at Tryg Forsikring. He states that customers who install Avara's system will receive a discount on the insurance premium.

Tryg Forsikring has a strong name in motorhome and caravan insurance, and has a long-standing collaboration with the Motorhome Association. The motorhome association's members have long been able to benefit from good prices on insurance from Tryg. With the collaboration that has now been entered into with Avara, the offer will be even better, both for the Motorhome Association's members and everyone else who has a motorhome or caravan that needs to be insured.

Insurance discount with Avara Moist

Every year, extensive damage occurs to many motorhomes and caravans as a result of moisture penetration. The extent of the damage increases with time, and if the damage had been discovered early enough, it would have been possible to repair the damage before it had time to develop. With Avara Moist installed, moisture can be detected very quickly, and repairs can be made before damage occurs to the motorhome or caravan's construction.

Customers at Tryg Forsikring who have Avara Moist installed will receive a 10% discount on the insurance for their motorhome or caravan. Detecting moisture in the construction early will lead to a greatly reduced extent of damage and thus reduced repair costs.

Traditional alarm gives exemption from excess

If you install Avara Basic (fire, gas and burglar alarm), Tryg Forsikring will also waive the deductible for this type of damage. Avara Basic Plus also comes with a modem with GPS positioning. it provides opportunities for tracking in the event of theft, and thus the excess will also be lost in the event of this type of damage.

The best of both worlds

By choosing Avara Premium , you get all the alarm functions that Avara offers. This way you also get the biggest benefit from the insurance. Free deductible for damages for fire, gas, burglary and theft, and a 10% discount on the entire insurance since Avara Moist is also included in the Premium package.

Warn alarm packages

With Avara Moist, both health,
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