New alarm standard for motorhomes and caravans

Avara alarms are a new standard for alarms for motorhomes and caravans. Here you can read why.

Fewer false alarms

"Always on"

Alarm also available during storage

Overview of indoor climate

Better solution for potential "narcotic gas"

Smart night alarm

Simple and quick installation

Continuous daily moisture measurement

Quick and easy installation of Avara alarms

To keep both installation time and costs down, we have placed great emphasis on making the installation of Avara's alarms as simple as possible.

All our devices communicate wirelessly using radio communication. The modem itself and the propane gas detector should be connected to 12V, while the other devices are powered by long-life alkaline batteries. This ensures that the alarm system is quick and easy to install, and that the user can change the batteries themselves when necessary. Avara alarms have very low power consumption - ensuring that the batteries have a lifespan of around 5 years!