New alarm standard for motorhomes and caravans

Avara alarms are a new standard for alarms for motorhomes and caravans. Here you can read why.

Fewer false alarms

"Always on"

Alarm also available during storage

Overview of indoor climate

Better solution for potential "narcotic gas"

Smart night alarm

Simple and quick installation

Continuous daily moisture measurement

Increase security - alarms from Avara are always on!

With the Avara alarm system in your motorhome or caravan, you can rest assured that the CO, smoke and propane gas detectors are always on. These smart features are the core security of our alarm system.

A fire in a motorhome or caravan can develop very quickly. Once a fire starts, you and your family have little time to get out of the unit. That's why the safety features in Avara alarm systems are always on - so there's no risk of "someone" forgetting to turn them on.

Avara has made this possible by filtering out false alarms and by developing alarms with such low power consumption that the alarm can always be switched on!