New alarm standard for motorhomes and caravans

Avara alarms are a new standard for alarms for motorhomes and caravans. Here you can read why.

Fewer false alarms

"Always on"

Alarm also available during storage

Overview of indoor climate

Better solution for potential "narcotic gas"

Smart night alarm

Simple and quick installation

Continuous daily moisture measurement

Avara provides an easy overview of indoor climate and battery voltage

Did you know that the main unit in the Avara alarm system measures temperature and relative humidity in your motorhome or caravan? The results are regularly reported to "My Account" so you always have a full overview.

It's a good idea to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity in your motorhome or caravan. By continuously monitoring this, you can, for example, see when there is a risk of condensation, so you can prevent and prevent moisture damage to the interior. Many people also install a heater in the winter to keep the temperature above the dew point. With an alarm system from Avara, you can monitor whether this is working properly.

Get full control with our dashboard

Avara has developed its own dashboard that provides a full overview of the electrical voltage of your modem. If you have installed the power supply directly from the car battery, you also get a full status of the battery voltage. You can access the dashboard on "My Account".