Don't worry about moisture or break-ins, wherever you are!

With the Avara alarm system for motorhomes and caravans, we offer completely new functions that no existing system can deliver. The Avara alarm system has been specially developed to give you maximum security and secure your investment against large losses in value. Comprehensive security thinking Avara takes security seriously. Therefore, all alarm packages are fully equipped with all necessary detectors. These work together in a network and make the system "smart". This is not achieved by supplying loose components. If you choose a system from Avara, you will therefore get a complete solution for your security needs. The Avara alarm system contains all the functions you expect, and in addition we are now introducing a brand new moisture alarm.

Some of the features available in the Avara alarm system:

Avara Lite

Basic safety for caravans in a permanent place. Contains a smoke detector, a CO detector, a propane gas detector and an intruder detector (IR). Like all Avara alarm packages, this alarm pack can be upgraded.

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