New alarm standard for motorhomes and caravans

Avara alarms are a new standard for alarms for motorhomes and caravans. Here you can read why.

Fewer false alarms

"Always on"

Alarm also available during storage

Overview of indoor climate

Better solution for potential "narcotic gas"

Smart night alarm

Simple and quick installation

Continuous daily moisture measurement

Continuous moisture measurement with early warning

Water leaks in a motorhome or caravan can lead to major costs. That's why we have developed Avara Moist, a brand new and patent-pending solution that continuously measures moisture.

The actual moisture measurement is done with small sensors that are permanently mounted in several strategic locations in the motorhome or caravan. The sensor performs moisture checks - every day, all year round. This means that potential leaks are detected early, so that moisture, fungal and rot damage can be repaired before the damage becomes too extensive. This means you don't have to risk being without your motorhome or caravan, in the worst case scenario for an entire season.

Extra security between each moisture check

Some would argue that with a so-called "tightness guarantee" from the motorhome manufacturer, all costs will be covered. Unfortunately, this is only partially correct - the warranty does not cover consequential damage, such as not being able to use the motorhome or caravan until the damage has been repaired. In addition, manufacturers only require a moisture inspection once a year. If you are really unlucky, a lot can happen between each moisture inspection.

Preserves resale value

A used motorhome or caravan that has suffered major moisture damage quickly decreases in value and becomes difficult to resell. Avara Moist stores all your measurement data, giving you a valuable history to refer to. This contributes to increased value when selling or trading in.

Avoid post-sale conflicts

When buying a used motorhome or caravan that subsequently turns out to have moisture damage, conflicts often arise between buyer and seller. With the history from Avara Moist, it is easy to account for how the condition has been over time and whether any leaks have been repaired before rot and fungus have occurred. This can provide increased security for both seller and buyer - and contribute to increased resale value.

Remember that moisture can provide a breeding ground for possible fungal and rot growth. For many people, this can lead to allergies, so continuous use of Avara Moist can also improve the indoor climate and lead to better health.